Barnacle Bay

Made by a team of 5 at the Global Game Jam in 2017. The game's main features is the utilization of AirConsole API, which turns smartphones into controls to allow co-op gameplay. The alpha version was completed during the Game Jam weekend, final release will be available on the website.

Tile Trial

Tile Trial is an runner and puzzle game designed for Android devices. 1000s of different puzzle combinations generate as the player progresses makes the game continuously difficult.

3D Snake

Classic Snake game created to move in a 3D environment. Controls rotate the world around the player rather than changing the player direction. Created using Unity 3D.

Mech Arena

Mech Arena is an first-person shooter robot fighting game designed using Unity 3D where the player faces waves of increasingly difficult AI. As the player progresses through waves of destruction, currency is earned to upgrade the player's robot. is a fansite for the game Oldschool Runescape made by Jagex Ltd. The website allows a user to enter in their account username, which my website will request the information from the official high-scores page. The data is then organized to be easily read for a player to view their progress within the game.

Maze Speedrun

Maze Speedrun is a simple maze game using DFS alogorithm to generate random mazes for the player to traverse in the shortest time possible. Written in Javascript using Phaser game library.