Mech Arena


Mech Arena is an first-person shooter robot fighting game designed using Unity 3D where the player faces waves of increasingly difficult AI. As the player progresses through waves of destruction, currency is earned to upgrade the player's robot.


  • Dynamic GOAP (Goal Orientated Action Planning) AI which evades, follows, and combats the player.
  • 3D pathfinding integrated with AI to track the player within the game environment.
  • Assisted aiming based on nearest enemy, locks the players cursor to an enemy without being uncomfortable.
  • Complex system of interchangeable mech parts for both enemies and players, which each alter the constructed mech's performance.
  • Realistic water shaders and other particles.
  • Guided missles and ammo of varying accuarcy and speed.


Myself, 3 other programmers, 1 modeler and animator, and 1 sound artist.

Project Duration

September 2016 - December 2016


Download .zip (Windows)

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