Guilds of Gods


A current ongoing project. Guilds of Gods is an MMORPG about character management and progressing your party through the paths of good & evil.

The choices you make as a player impact the world and affect gameplay for others. Do you choose to take a path of good against The Emperor, or do you fight with him to bring a totalitarian rule to the lands.

Play now on modern browsers at GuildsOfGods.com or on Android devices.

Barnacle Bay


Barnacle Bay is a game made by a team of 5 at the Global Game Jam in 2017. The game's main features is the utilization of AirConsole API, which turns smartphones into controls to allow co-op gameplay. The alpha version was completed during the Game Jam weekend, final release will be available on the AirConsole.com website.


  • Multiplayer gameplay using AirConsole API with smartphones.
  • Supports up to 8 players.
  • Designed to be simple with smooth gameplay.


Myself, 2 other programmers, 1 modeler and animator, and 1 sound artist.

Project Duration

January 2016


GGJ Link

Play! (AirConsole ... Coming Soon)


Maze Speedrun


Maze Speedrun is a simple maze game using DFS algorithm to generate random mazes for the player to traverse in the shortest time possible. Written in Javascript using Phaser game library.


  • Uses DFS algorithm to build random mazes.
  • Uses Kongregate API to upload the player's fastest score.
  • Ported from a previous C# project to Javascript and Phaser.

Project Duration

October 2016